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M.E MEDIA is based in Canada and legally registered under Canadian business law. We acknowledge the power of traditional media resources; therefore, we apply the resources to combine into a new development of science and technology in this digital age for new media concepts. To pursue such concept, we have constructed a new network ecosystem. M.E conducts its own ecosystem through industrial entities and interacts within, creating greater value and enhances quality of life for worldwide users.

M.E MEDIATECH CORP. Group investors have accumulated years of experience in the media field and establish a stable basis for a wide range of global markets. In terms of advertising and publishing, plus digital media and ecommerce, we are surely in a progressive position.

Internet economy today is on the rise, and thanks to its power, we have the opportunity to create new media with greater potential market. M.E MEDIATECH CORP. Group investors joined the force, share the resources, we work together to build a new “online multimedia ecosystem". As a group, we aimed to create an evolution from traditional media to “fresh” online media market and from a traditional pattern of regional media to a new pattern of universal media industry. Let us work together to build a world's most viewed media network.

M.E’s well-known services in traditional advertising, production, and corporate image planning have already reached North America, Europe, South Africa, as well as Asia and other countries and regions, serving tens of thousands of businesses. M.E Media Group will vigorously promote ‘new media – individuality - mutual interests’ ecosystem –M.E globalization district’ to development strategy, and start the "M.E Education Fund Program" throughout the world. Through the implementation of this approach, M.E will contribute with full energy to the advantages the Group on the basis of the media, establish a broad user base, an industrial chain, and develop the ability to significantly enhance M.E to build the most innovative media representative of the "world-class enterprise."

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