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Who are we ?

  • We are an advanced, experienced media technology company with creative and passionate management team.
  • We are positive and optimistic, full of dreams and passion.
  • We welcome all creative individuals to join us, and make dreams come into reality.
M.E Mediatech Corp. is an experienced media technology company with creative, passionate management team.

We offer you:

  • New opportunity in the media technology field
  • Competitive compensation and benefits
  • Friendly and comfortable work environment
  • Professional training and development opportunity
New opportunity in the media technology field

Offering Positions

iOS developer

Senior software developer (Java)

Senior IT support administrator

Mobile device engineer

Web Designer

Graphic Designer – 0116

Project manager

Operation manager

Market Development Manager – NOC 0124

Administrative Assistant – Marketing & Advertising – NOC 1241

Social Media Writer (Full- Time) – NOC 5121

Product manager

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