Canada Golden Maple Film Festival Website/Logo

Canada Golden Maple Film Festival Responsive Web Design

Website introduction

This website is a bilingual Chinese and English film festival official website for the North American and Chinese market. In recent years, due to the diversity of tablet PCs and mobile phones, we follow the concept of responsive web design to design and develop this site. The site designed with all the basic information, activities, news and pictures, exhibition videos, etc. of the Canadian Golden Maple Leaf International Film Festival.

In order to facilitate the user to update the information and sales, we developed the following features:

  • Registration / login function
  • Publish information (news, pictures, videos)
  • Tickets function
  • Visa, Master Card, UnionPay

LOGO design

The color was carefully selected to bring out the high-end in gold and the Maple Leaf stands for Canada. The Gold Maple Leaf all together represents everyone involved in this international multicultural film festival. The middle of the CGM is Canada Golden Maple Film Festival in abbriviation.

The logo is used in all media campaigns and events, such as posters, large banners, brochures, walls, awards, etc., associated with this festival.

Canada Golden Maple Film Festival LOGO

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