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Website introduction

绿生活商城网站 响应式网站

This site is the North American green health organic products, a global market for overseas e-commerce business platform.

We have developed the following features:

  • Registration / login function
  • Leaderboard feature
  • Message (reputation) function
  • Shopping Cart Features
  • Background management
  • Visa, Master Card, CUP, WeChat payment function

Logo Design

绿生活商城网站 LOGO

The logo of this website is designed on the theme of green, to stand out the message of healthy and organic. A symbol of new sprouting green leaves on behalf of this site to provide customers with a new green lifestyle of a healthy and happy home culture.
The slogan "Green is a process, not a status" is to emphasize the meaning of green, which isn’t something we label for any level of society, but it is a process that is vital to adapt which extracted from the culture and core values.

Web Design/Development Cases

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