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M.E Mediatech Corp. Responsive Web Design

Website introduction

M.E is one of the multilingual website for North American and Chinese markets. In recent years, due to the diversity of tablet PCs and mobile phones, we follow the concept of responsive web design to designed and developed this site. This website includes the basic information of M.E.Media Technology Group, the brand introduction and website links, related business introduction, company achievement and so on.

In order to facilitate the user to update the information and sales, we developed the following features:

  • Registration / login function
  • Language option function
  • Search function
  • Each ends platform with sharing function

Logo design

M.E Mediatech Corp. LOGO

M.E Mediatech Corp., with hi-tech advertising as its main business. The main vision of M.E logo stands for Miracle Eyes, it can also be interpreted as a a lot of "me" to create this bigger M.E as a whole. The color scheme of this site is orange to represent vitality, innovation and success. Affiliated a small but clear print of the full name of the company.

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