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Website introduction

This site is a comprehensive website of the Canadian Cancer Rehabilitation Services Group providing information on cancer treatment to clients. The content of the website is updated in real-time, and the classified information is displayed on the first page, so that the users can easily obtain the information they need.

This site is responsive and optimized for desktops, laptops, tablets, cell phones and other devices. This site also has the basic functions of content distribution, modification, information deletion as well as home and abroad Internet sharing button.

Logo Design

加拿大癌症康复服务集团 LOGO

In order to conform to the global visual cognition, we use the internationally accepted, cancer organizations generally recognized "ribbon" design elements to design the Logo for this client. Because this site provides information on cancer treatment, products, services, etc., so the main business is simple and clear which added to the Logo. We use fresh pink to express concern and care for cancer patients, hoping to convey health information to them.

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